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Our Brands

In addition to the services we offer, Decentra, Inc is the parent company to several unique and innovative brands in the Web3 space:



All For One

All For One is a mobile charting app that features a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use non-custodial, multi-chain wallet, unlocking the power of Web3. Designed to make DeFi accessible, users can quickly search for, find, research, and trade decentralized digital assets with an intuitive user interface.



uCrypto is a web-based charting app that leverages indexed data from decentralized exchanges for deep analysis. Designed for more experienced crypto traders, users can quickly search for, find, research, and trade decentralized digital assets on decentralized exchanges.

Stock market trading graph and candlestick chart for financial investment concept. Abstrac



Ticker is an API service by Web3 developers, for Web3 developers. We use hardware nodes to index data from the blockchain and provide performant, scalable pricing and volume data. We provide endpoints for charting, portfolio management, and token-specific information that is readily cached to minimize I/O.



Vericrypt is our branded, isolated auditing service by our experienced and qualified security professionals. For each audit we perform, we do a manual line-by-line analysis and commentary, a battery of automated tests, and a full manual penetration test. When completed, all of our audits are peer-reviewed.

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BitRunr is an online service marketplace, powered by crypto payments. Setup your business profile, services, availability, and prices in only a few minutes. Clients select times from your preset availability and BitRunr auto-books your appointments so you can focus on what you do best.

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