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Powerful Web3 Solutions that Captivate and Inspire

Our Services

Blockchain-Sourced Charting APIs

Decentralization first. We collect and index data from multiple blockchains to provide performant, scalable, and well-documented time-series candlestick charting data from decentralized exchanges, sourced directly from the blockchain.

Decentralized App (dApp) Development

Smart, professional, and highly-customizable decentralized applications unlock the power of the blockchain in a simple, easy-to-use user experience. We build beautiful, mobile-friendly dApps designed from the ground-up to meet your specific needs.

Smart Contract (Solidity) Development

When it comes to smart contracts, security is paramount. Without exception, every single smart contract we write is audited by a trusted third-party auditing firm. We write gas-performant, security-conscious smart contracts to power tokens and dApps.

Project Auditing

In addition to writing smart contracts, for Solidity code that we do not author, we can perform in-depth security analysis to identify potential exploits and vulnerabilities. We also perform KYC and meta risk analysis to holistically evaluate DeFi projects.

We Are Fierce Decentralization Advocates

Our philosophy is that, when utilized properly for the right applications, decentralization via blockchain technology can grant much-needed transparency, scalability, and security. We design and develop products that contribute positively to Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

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